Application for General Certificate of Registration

New Member Fees

Application fees
For Applicants from Approved Programs
For Applicants from Non-Approved Programs (programs not been previously approved by the College)
Exam fee - to be paid after your application to the College has bee approved and at the time of apply to sit the exams
Registration fee
For new registrants approved between Jan 1st to Jun 30th 
For new registrants approved between July 1st to December 31st 



  1. The requirements for registration with the College are found in the College’s Registration Regulation,
  2. There are two parts to becoming a member of the College. The first is applying to the College itself and the second is to apply to sit the exams.
  3. Everything you need to upload or have sent to us directly will appear in the Applicant Checklist - this will be available after you have submitted your application and fee.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Should your application be denied, you will be advised of the reason(s) and the process to appeal the decision.
  5. Please note that you may not hold yourself out to be a “chiropodist”/”podiatrist” in the Province of Ontario until after you have been advised by the College that your Certificate of Registration has been fully and finally approved.